The 5 benefits of shipping from multiple countries: this is how you increase your conversion!

More and more Dutch webshops have customers from abroad. In that case, it can be easier to also have a warehouse abroad. In his first expert blog, Edwin van der Ham describes the benefits of shipping from multiple countries and how this increases the conversion of your web shop.

Despite different wishes and requirements between consumers from different countries, there is one common denominator: every consumer, in every country, wants the package to be delivered in good condition to the agreed delivery location and wants to be able to return it easily. The majority of consumers also value fast delivery. In the logistics field, attention is also expected to be paid to limiting the ecological footprint when transporting the order. For online entrepreneurs, these factors also play a major role, partly in keeping the consumer happy. Obviously, the costs for the online entrepreneur also count in the logistics choices that are made.

Well, imagine getting an online order from a consumer in Germany. Of course you can choose to ship your products to Germany from a warehouse in the Netherlands and the foreign consumer can simply return her returns to the Netherlands. However, in many cases that does not outweigh the advantages of a warehouse (local stock) in the country itself. For example, you have the opportunity to never sell out again...

Therefore, five reasons why you should start this:

1 . Shorter lead times. Logical, but important. Your lead times are shorter, because the stock is closer to the consumer. As a result, the package is faster with the consumer, which in turn is good for customer satisfaction.

2 . Smaller footprint. The ecological footprint decreases when distances shorten. So is related to point 1. This is increasingly important by both the consumer and webshop.

3 . Cheaper rates. Delivery costs are lower because agreements are made with local carriers.

4. Return process is reliable and fast. For a German consumer, it seems much more reliable to send a return to an address in their own country than to another country. In addition, the product is back in the warehouse earlier and can therefore also be put back into circulation faster. And that means that the consumer can rather expect the amount of that product back. Of course, this faster circulation is also advantageous for the webshop. Especially in industries such as fashion, where more than half return, a local presence of your products is necessary to be able to switch quickly and keep costs manageable.

5. Sold out? Nope! It can happen that a product from a webshop sells out during a successful, national action. We at Monta thought of that. An example: we have a customer in heat pads who has both local stock in the Netherlands and in Germany. Some time ago they had a successful promotion in Germany that sold out a product in Germany. We could then choose to replenish the stock (deliver new stock from the Netherlands). It takes some time. We have arranged it in such a way that we can transfer the online order from Germany to the Netherlands via the software. We then ship the heat pad directly from the warehouse in the Netherlands to the German consumer. That way we can still supply the consumer quickly. This is a bit more expensive from a price point of view, but we keep the consumer happy. That's what it's all about. And while we continue the orders, stock is now replenished in the warehouse in Germany. The consumer has not noticed anything and the webshop does not miss out on orders.

Having multiple local stocks does therefore indeed affect the competitive position and conversion of a webshop. Customer experiences confirm this. There are also customers who choose to ship all orders from one country, which is also fine. The choice must always lie with the entrepreneur.

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