Our Genial Solution For B2B Returns

What do you do with your B2B returns?

In exiting times like we have now, returns from retailers are inevitable. We don’t speak about reclamation's but products that are delivered too late, that don’t match the descriptions given by the retailer or one of many other reasons. In this case the producer or brand can ship the goods back to their country of origin or stock these at a logistic company of their choice. And try to sell the products to another client or even worse to a stock clearance company and take their loss. All these solutions cost money and time and don’t generate extra profit.

Foolfillment BV has another, much better solution! You just contact us, and we pick up your goods at their location and bring them to our warehouse in the South of The Netherlands. Then you decide what you want to do with this stock.

There are several possibilities:

-  You keep the stock untouched in our warehouse and find a buyer yourself.

- If a quicker solution is needed, we can look for the best price in the market for your merchandise. We have several contacts of  a large network of retailers in Europe.

You always remain in control of your goods!

Please note that we cannot accept defective products.

For more detailed information, please do contact us by email or phone.